Product Details

Product Details:

We Use Authentic Jersey Components.  They Are An Exact Replication Of The Authentic Jerseys Worn By The Players On The Field/Ice.   The Same Companies That Produce The Jersey Kits For Pro Teams, Produce Our Products.  

Framing Details:

Every Mock-Up On The Product Pages Is Not To Scale.  The Purpose Is To Demonstrate The Color Scheme.  The Top Matting Layer, Furthest From The Nameplate/Name/Number, Will Be Approximately 2 Inches Wide (White Layer Pictured Below).  Any Additional Layer Of Matting Will Be Approximately 1/4 Inch Wide (Gold Layer Pictured Below).  The Bottom Layer Of Matting (Black Layer Picture Below), The Layer The Nameplate/Number/Patch Is Mounted/Floated On Will Be 1/4" To 1/2"  From The Corner/Edge Of Nameplate/Number/Patch.

Any Product That Has Multiple Pieces With Multiple Matting Cuts Will Have Approximatley 1 Inch Spacing Between The Cuts On The To Layer.

Frame Details:

Black Or White Frames:

We Use Modern Wood Frames With A Stepped Face Design.  Frames Are Either Black Or White.  Frames Are Approximately 1 Inch Wide.

Silver (Metal) Frames:

All Silver Frames Are Metal Frames That Are Approximately 1/4 Inch To 1/2 Inch Wide.  

Pinstripes Matting Products:

The Exceptions To The Above Black Or White Wood Frames Is With Any Product The Includes A Pinstriped Matting Layer.  Due To The Necessity Of Using A Different Framer For These Products And Differences In Pricing Structures, All Pinstripe Matted Products Will Be Framed With A Flat Plain Wood Frame.  The Frame Is  About 1” Wide And Has No Bevel Or Contours To It.